In view of their inherent salient characteristics such as high strength, light weight and inherent corrosion resistance, Fiber Reinforced Plastics [GFRP/CFRP] have been making inroads successfully as an alternate  commercially viable material of construction in a wide range of market sectors.

ESSJAY Composites brings over 30 years of Technical (Design, Troubleshooting, Leading new startups) and Commercial (Market Research, Marketing Communications, B2B Marketing, Project/Market Feasibility studies, Educational workshops) expertise to provide 360-degree solutions to the Composites Industry.

Whether seeking comprehensive market research studies, cost-reduction and production efficiency advice at the shopfloor, in-depth market/project feasibility studies, A-Z project planning, educational workshops for your staff, marketing communications (newsletters, press releases), write-ups for your web or print magazines, we have done it all over the decades, and we place our services within your reach.

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