ESSJAY Composites is a professional group headquartered in Canada, with global reach. It is spearheaded by a composites veteran with over 30 years of GFRP/CFRP experience: Mr. S. SUNDARAM

Backed by a pure passion for the industry, a Masters Degree in Polymer Engineering, and decades of expertise in the field of glass/carbon fibers and composites (GFRP/CFRP) in Market Research, Technical Services, Sales & Marketing, Marketing Communications, Design & Applications Development, a (selective) list of his accomplishments are: 
  • Hall of fame in the “International Directory of the American Biographical Institute” and “International Biographical Center” (UK) for Distinguished Leadership in Polymeric Composites (1998, 1999, 2000)
  • As UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Advisor under the UniStar scheme, he has successfully completed composites assignments for clients in Malaysia, Singapore in 1993 and 1994
  • 11 patents under his name in the field of glass fiber sizing & FRP/GRP related to new products and applications which have been commercialized
  • A regular contributor since 1987 of lead articles in Composites trade magazines in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East
  • Invited speaker at a multitude of international conferences on Composites since 1987 [notably SPI, Composites Institute, USA {1987,1990,1993}; British Reinforced Plastics Congress {1996,1998}; Reinforced Plastics, Asia {1998}; ICCM, China {1990}]
  • Responsible for conducting several 5-day training programs on Fibers, Resins, Composites Applications & Structural Design for entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and India
  • Responsible for formulating Ten Standards on Glass Fibers and Composites for the Bureau of Indian Standards, Government of India [1990-2000]


Mr. Sundaram and his team at ESSJAY offer a wide range of services which can be classified into the following very broad categories:

1. MARKET RESEARCH (on fibers, resins, composites on a regional and global basis)

2. TECHNICAL SERVICES (glass/carbon fiber production, composites design and prototyping)

3. PROCESS ANALYSES (cost reduction & efficiency solutions in fiber,composites manufacture)

4. B2B MARKETING (including marketing collateral development & public relations activities)


6. MARKET DEVELOPMENT (project feasibility studies & complete project planning)

7. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (newsletters, flyers, product brochures, press releases) 


Extensive details in each category are available in the right-hand SERVICES MENU, and in the Services section. You can also contact us.