ESSJAY's long tenure in the global composites industry has enabled it to network closely with key suppliers of fibers, resins and processing equipments. Being one up on the latest technological breakthroughs in composites enables ESSJAY to provide interested clients with the latest in the business. When it comes to recommending suppliers of raw materials or processing equipments, we are able to advise clients on the most updated information in the industry/market and make appropriate recommendations that would facilitate the client’s decision making process.

ESSJAY also assists clients in the export of their products to other countries irrespective of the region. Our familiarity with universal HS codes and Customs’ regulations of countries enables us to provide the right recommendations and provide smooth transfer of goods from client to their customer.

This also includes all the necessary documentation such as:

  • Letter of Credit (LC, if applicable)
  • Invoicing, Bill of Lading (B/L)
  • Insurance
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Other relevant documents involved in such transactions
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