ESSJAY conducts educational workshops (1-2 weeks duration) for entrepreneurs, students, government officials and all those interested in understanding the basics of composites and its applications from a technical and/or commercial viewpoint.
These workshops cover :
  • entire gamut of fibers: glass/carbon/aramid & hybrids thereof
  • resins (polyesters/vinylesters/epoxies/phenolics/urethanes)
  • processing techniques (filament winding, pultrusion, spray-up, contact molding, cold and hot press molding, RTM, VARI, LFRT etc)
  • design basics (through practical problem solving-pipes, tanks, pressure vessels, die design for compression molded products, and so on)
  • practical applications in various end user segments (building/transporation/chemical/infrastructure)
  • destructive and non-destructive test methods
  • weathering characteristics
  • case studies, including life-cycle-cost-benefit analysis
  • futuristic industry trends
  • methodology for setting up a composites molding unit : techno-commercial considerations
All workshops include a set of comprehensive course notes and practicals.
To discuss ESSJAY's Educational Workshops, please Contact Us.