In the present era of geo-political economics, making business decisions for investment in a new product line requires not only foresight but also prudence. Composites compete with metals (steel, aluminum, copper, zinc) and the reasons for sharp price swings are multifarious that depend on supply/demand scenario - global as well as individual nations’ economy. Proper market research is a prime requisite for companies to make business decisions on expansions/enhanced product portfolio offerings. A thorough understanding of market dynamics of composites vis-a-vis competing materials, assessing future technology trends and their potential to succeed, economic analysis, competitive strategy and market forecast/predictions backed by sound analysis and judgement is what makes ESSJAY’s services so invaluable to clients while conducting market research studies.

Our recommendations have sound financial analyses backed by techno-commercial considerations,technological advances (product characteristics benchmarking, processing techniques innovations and the like), and market analyses that would enable clients to reach business decisions with far reaching consequences on viability and probability of success in the new diversification venture.

A typical ESSJAY Market Study would provide the following details:

  • Fibers, Resins and GFRP/CFRP growth in the region/global: Past, Present and Future Trends
  • Market segments-breakdown and analysis of segment growth
  • Growth Drivers for each market segment
  • Competition from peers
  • Competing (steel, aluminium, timber) materials and Complementary (resins & various reinforcing fibers) materials
  • Pricing trends and strategy
  • Purchasing behavior and insights-discussion on growth drivers and barriers
  • Potential scope for new players, including market share estimates
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Risk vs. reward
  • Position of the Company in the value chain
  • Futuristic Trends on various end products in composites in a broad range of market sectors
  • Supply-Demand trends: 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030
  • Annual growth rates and CAGR- past and future (projected) based on composites industry growth trends in industrial, renewable energy, transportation, aerospace & defence, infrastructure, building & construction, recreational market sectors
  • Impact of advancements in Technology
  • Synergy with potential customers and end users

A Market Study would involve primary research, secondary research and analysis to arrive at the end objective of assessing demand. Macroeconomic indicators will be used to segment data and to index historic and forecast growth rates keeping current scenario in perspective.

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