ESSJAY provides assistance for start-up companies in facilitating plant layout, selection of processing technique (pultrusion, filament winding, RTM, hot & cold compression molding, spray-up, VARI), sourcing of equipments and associated tools, mold design and fabrication, quality monitoring, mold repair techniques, choice of reinforcements/resins/additives.

Training of personnel during-start-up and commissioning, trial production, product qualification at customers’ plants, testing of products to ensure adherence to ASTM/ISO/EN/DIN/JIS Standards, tweaking of process parameters for specific customers would constitute ESSJAY's expertise in ensuring that the client is off on the right track. This assistance would continue till the client is confident of running the plant independently with the trained production personnel.

Documentation would include instruction manual covering material input monitoring, comprehensive troubleshooting guide, shop floor Do's and Dont’s, quality checks, recommended production cycle times.

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