Having a thorough techno-commercial understanding of composites is a pre-requisite for Project Feasibility Studies. ESSJAY’s in-depth knowledge and its successful embracing of the concept-to-commercialization  approach to new ventures or business diversification (of existing concerns) enables it to provide factual feasibility studies after factoring in historical trends, present state-of-the art technologies and future possible technological breakthroughs, to clients.

Considering that investments proposed should reap reasonable Return On Investment (ROI) and that the products (proposed to be produced) should have a market potential for several years using technology that is not prone to become obsolete in a short span of time, makes it all the more important to address techno-commercial issues from a project profitability perspective. Our repertoire of forte includes Project Feasibility Studies that would enable clients to make prudent business decisions.

Project Feasibility studies

Venturing into new projects in composites (greenfield plants for  fibers/resins/ additives, setting up plants for  processing techniques such as filament winding, pultrusion, RTM, hot/cold compression molding, SMC/BMC production, injection molding with chopped strands or LFRTP) requires a 5-10 year perspective by prospective entrepreneurs to ensure proper ROI and further growth.

ESSJAY is able to provide clients with exactly this long-term vision when it comes to conducting project feasibility studies. Past historical trends, current competitive market analyses on supply/demand and future price projections including a comprehensive SWOT analysis is our forte. Market trends in competing and complementary materials (past, present and future) are as important as a client’s proposed new product(s).

ESSJAY’s depth of technical knowledge enables the ability to factor potential technological breakthroughs that could either hinder or assist client plans for the project(s) under consideration, while of course, facilitating decision making. Typical financial ratios such as IRR, ROI, ROE, EBITDA and Payback Period would be the critical factors in the feasibility study prepared.

A typical ESSJAY Project Feasibility Study would highlight the following:

  • Equipment(s) Specifications-including production capacity and salient features
  • Typical Product Mix for EACH processing technique 
  • Specifications of input fiber reinforcements and resin(s)for various products 
  • Production rates/hour/shift/day/year 
  • Production cost 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Quality Control & Testing 
  • Labor requirement 
  • Personnel hiring &Training - the Team 
  • Profitability analysis based on current and projected market price 

Also: ROI, ROE, Projected Cash Flow, Gross Profit, Net Profit, EBITDA


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