ESSJAY has rendered keynote addresses and been an invited speaker at many international conferences spanning over two decades. ESSJAY’s global expertise has earned pride of place as a speaker at prestigious conferences. Below is a selected sample:

  • Society of Plastics Industry (SPI), Composites Institute, USA (1987, 1990, 1993)
  • British Plastics Federation Reinforced Plastics Congress, UK (1996, 1998)
  • ICCM, China (1990)
  • Reinforced Plastics, Asia (1998) 
  • Keynote speaker: Annual Conference of New Zealand Composites Association, Auckland (1998)

ESSJAY conducts specific sector-centric programs with target audiences from sectors related to building & construction, chemical equipments/corrosion, automotive, rail transport, marine, defence/military, telecommunications/power, infrastructure etc. The focus of such programs would be specific to the sector and would cover all techno-commercial aspects including application trends, case studies on material substitution and cost economics, emerging (futuristic) trends.

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