ESSJAY’s technical service encompasses troubleshooting in analysing client’s production issues (quality of molded end product, fiber/resin ratio, resin consumption, cycle time, operator skills) at the shopfloor and recommending commercially viable practical suggestions. Allternate processing techniques to improve productivity and ensure consistency in quality will also be considered for recommendation and will be on a case-to-case basis.

The changes recommended will be demonstrated by ESSJAY’s qualified personnel to the satisfaction of the client prior to being implemented in practice. Comprehensive documentation in the form of a dossier on these final recommendations will also constitute part of the package provided to the client. 

ESSJAY’s design team will also conduct value-engineering studies at client’s plant to ensure practical techno-commercial solutions that would positively impact the client's bottomline. 

ESSJAY has prepared a set of reports under its "Cost Savings Enablement Series" that factors techno-commercial considerations based on shopfloor practices and analyzes reasons and provides solutions in choice of reinforcements through mechanical properties that can actually be attained whilst simultaneously highlighting $$ savings that can be achieved in actual production. These reports under different heads can be made available to clients for ready implementation at the shopfloor.

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