Besides delivering concrete results, ESSJAY also ensures a professional, seamless and convenient working process with clients, providing for a working experience that embodies the enjoyment and passion we have experienced for decades working in the GFRP/CFRP industry.

Outlined below are the typical steps (which may sometimes vary, of course, based on the client) in an ESSJAY working process:

Step One – Receiving your inquiry

Using the Contact Us form, or via direct email (, please give us an idea of what you are looking for. If your requirement(s) do not appear in our Services section, please ask anyway as chances are that, in our 30+ years, we have worked on it at some point.

Step Two – Initial discussion via phone or email (no obligation evaluation)

Once we receive your email, we will obtain more information by asking questions about your business and products, about your requirement(s) and their background, explaining our services, and how we can help. This helps ESSJAY and the client form a base to help them take a little time to determine if they foresee a match, and would like to work together.

Step Three – Discussing scope and other details

If both parties are mutually interested, we take the discussion further by discussing the scope that the prospective project will cover, how we plan on working with you, and covering all other details. This is typically a 30-minute meeting (via phone or face-to-face). Factors such as resources (budget and time), scope, and basic agreement details are discussed at this point. 

Step Four – Agreement, and creating a project plan

Once an agreement has been finalized and signed off by both parties, we plan the project from A-Z. At this point, ESSJAY will sit down with the client team to create a written project plan covering desired objectives, a phase-by-phase plan, budget and expenses, timelines per phase of the project, and overall.

Step Five – We begin!

At this point, we will commence our work together. The project will conclude (as it always has) with a satisfied client who has substantial positive results to boast of.